James (omni_ferret) wrote,

Belated Happy Thanksgiving.

I had a pleasant, restful Thanksgiving. I'm not quite ready to head back to work.

There's lots I was going to post, & I realized that it's largely comic related...

Non-comic first, though: friends with cable, do you have Ion? They apparently made Terry Pratchett's Hogfather into a movie. I'm curious.

Little Batman dressed up for Halloween

Little Batman, a cute little crimefigher. There's more.

Here are dozens of never reprinted Kirby monster stories.

Mightygodking, the guy who posted the Civil War remixes, moved away from LJ. He reviewed the new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a fairly dense book - here's an excerpt of the review:
I realize that Moore’s taste for literary tomfoolery is well-known at this point, but I thought the grown man on page 56 clearly buttfucking a stuffed bear and referred to both as “Christopher” and “Robin” was fairly over-the-top. Yes, Alan Moore, we know, Victorian children’s literature is rife with sexual innuendo, blah blah Freud blah blah blah, we got it, okay? Christ, wasn’t three hundred pages of a Dorothy/Alice/Wendy tantric threeway in Lost Girls enough already
... which made me laugh. And he's vastly improved the dialogue for the new Death of the New Gods comic.
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